another housing solution - great jobs


Housing is not simply a supply and demand problem

In order to solve the housing crisis we need to change the way we think about employment. At indieDwell we are building a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to our mission, who participate in our success and who are earning a living which allows them to afford our homes.

All jobs are not created equal and the construction trade is generally a tough place to make a living. We are changing that. At indieDwell our jobs look like this:

  • Minimum wage of $16 per hour

  • Average wage of $21 per hour (excludes management)

  • 100% Medical, Dental and Vision Coverage

  • Every teammate is an owner in the business

  • Every teammate participates in profit sharing

  • 20 days of paid time off

  • Maternity and Paternity

We are seeking to empower communities by providing incredible housing, but also by creating incredible jobs. If you want to learn more about bringing indieDwell to your community click the button below.