Affordable Housing Need in the United States


Affordable Housing 

There are two main issues with affordable housing in the United States.  

  1. There are not enough Affordable Housing Units (AHU).  The Urban Institute estimates there is currently a shortfall of nearly 6.5 million units in the United States for extremely low income (ELI) renters.  Real estate prices and correspondingly rents have risen dramatically in the past few years, while wages have remained stagnant.  This has exacerbated an already bad situation.  Check your county out here.
  2. Current AFU's are low quality, high maintenance, unhealthy environments.  We are taking our most vulnerable population and putting them in the worst possible housing, simply to save upfront investment costs.  This model continues to perpetuate the systemic health issues caused by unhealthy living environments.   To better understand the health impact of affordable housing please read this article.  

The Need

At indieDwell we feel there is a moral and social obligation to do better.  We are designing, and manufacturing high quality, durable, healthy living environments at a cost which is comparable to or lower than conventional stick built.  These are homes we are proud to put our name on and are confident will lead to better lives and better outcomes for our end use customers.